Choosing the “Perfect” Location to take your Wedding Photos

Making a decision on where you would like to take your wedding photos isn’t an easy task and it should not be taken lightly. it always amazes me when I talk to couples about taking their wedding photos that many don’t have a clue. In fact many more have it as the last thing on their list. Its utterly amazing, that a person would spend thousands of dollars on planning a wedding down to the smallest detail, yet having some one there to capture images of those details become an after thought. Simply Amazing

Choosing your locations to take your wedding photos come in a few different sections. The thing is your entire wedding is just one big photographic show. While we will focus mainly on the ‘garden’ photos of the wedding its best to keep all venues in mind. The shortest answer to choosing the perfect location is to make it memorable, not for the future but something from the past.

Choosing a location to capture your “garden” shots should not be too difficult of a process. That decision can be made base on many different factors so lets get into it. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself or your spouse to help narrow down the choices.

  • Is there someplace that’s special to the both of you?
  • Is there someplace that complements your wedding colors?
  • Maybe you love animals, or a particular car, maybe sports is what united you both What is that binding factory you both share?
  • Do you just want to be different than the norm and do something that has never been done? (this is a tough one)

That special Place

Most often couples forget alot of what transpired during the dating phase of their relationship. Where did you meet? where was your first kiss? where is a place that you both loved the ambiance or something happened that your would never forget. maybe it was just your first date or a special date. Think carefully for a shared event where both of you really liked. This can give you a real clue to where you may want to have your photos taken

Its all about coordination – The color

They say the devil is in the details, well if you spent a lot of time planning the color scheme of your wedding you may want to find a location that suits the overall color of your wedding. This could be a colorful wall, a building that matches the color scheme maybe a location that goes well with your overall theme and color. What ever it may be consider complimentary colors if you decide to go this route and discuss it with your photographer to ensure there is enough space or color in the area for amazing images.

Bind us Together

Some people are cat people and others are dog people. If your love of animals brought you together then you can consider something around animals much like the Ardastra Gardens. If the outdoors and beauty of the beach is something you both love then this could be a great location as well. If sports is your bag then maybe consider discussing it with your spouse and the owner of your favorite sports bar to have images taken there. The idea is to make it memorable to you.

Lets be Different.

The one thing I can advise is that no matter what your wedding is already different. You both are two totally different individuals than the last couple who got married and even though you may be in the same area as another couple your color scheme outfits and overall swag will ensure that your stand out.  What I’m trying to say is to make your wedding personal to you. Its the only way to ensure that your wedding will be different and unique. this can sometimes call for you to break with traditions and follow your own path.

Whatever location you choose just remember you will look beautiful either way.

Unfortunately the island of New Providence is on y 21 miles long by 7 miles wide. 147 square miles. That’s not a lot of space and a limited amount of locations. Here are some of  the locations that you can use on New Providence, The Bahamas.

  • The Beach
  • The 66 steps
  • The Forts
  • The Cloisters
  • Ardastra Gardens
  • Upscale Homes
  • The National Parks
  • Cable Beach strip
  • Caves Village
  • Hotel Garden
  • Hotel Pool Area
  • Inside Hotel Foyer
  • Bahamas National Trust
  • The Botanical Gardens

There are many many more places that you can use but it all depends on your personality and the way you look at your wedding. Please take note however, that some of these location do require that you pay to use the grounds.


To sum it all up in  one location…pun intended. Any location can be the perfect location for you wedding photos. Its just that location has to have some meaning to you and your spouse. It doesn’t pay to try to be different but follow what every one else has done and expect a different result. The key to ensuring your images are amazing is to discuss it with your photographer and go over what can be done in certain locations especially with the time frame you may have at your disposal.

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