How to pick your Bridal Party

Planning your wedding comes with more responsibility than choosing vendors, venues and what color scheme you will wear.

An overlooked important part of wedding planning is knowing how to pick your bridal party

Knowing how to pick your bridal party is a learned skill. Take your time, Do your own thing, test your friends and feel comfortable around certain people.

A huge part of the wedding planning depends on who you choose to be apart of your bridal party. Your Bridal party should comprise of the people you hold closest to you.

Once your wedding date has been decided, one of the most exciting and somewhat biggest decisions you will have to make will be to choose the key people to be around you who will be by your side as take on the task of planning your wedding and walking down the aisle.

Your bridal party are the ones who will be there throughout the delights of your wedding planning adventures and on your special day – to whom you will rush for the biggest stuff like what dress style should you go for, where to celebrate the bachelor rete party and for those little things like whether you’d want to have cake pops or donuts for dessert or choosing the wedding band of your dreams to coordinate flawlessly with your engagement ring.

Nonetheless, we do understand that shortlisting those go-to-people, can be a bit of a worry, especially if you’ve got a larger friend circle or wish to keep your party drama-free. But hang in their ladies, we’ve got you sorted. Let’s get started with some fool-proof ways of picking the most thrilling and best bridal party:


Wait- even if you want to choose your bridal party the moment you’ve gotten engaged. Allow the enthusiasm of your engagement to sink in before you jump into the decision of selecting your bridesmaid squad. It’s important you have a clear head – if you’ve made the decision too quick, you might have a year or maybe two till the wedding and you might realize that those people aren’t the right picks or drift away from them.


Just because you were a bridesmaid in someone’s wedding doesn’t mean that the favor has to be returned. You might have been someone’s bridal party member five years ago, and now you two hardly talk. Or maybe you have more best friends forever than you could literally count on both hands and making every one of those your bridesmaid would be too much. It’s completely alright to arrange a bridal party on a smaller scale and still have the rest of your friends come over – those who did not make the cut to your bachelorette party and bridal shower or other pre-wedding celebrations.

You can also give your friends honors other than that of being a bridesmaid. For example, you can ask them to read out a passage or a poem during your ceremony or be a witness when you’re signing your marriage license.


Start noticing friends who are there for you during your engagement. If there’s some radio silence for people who you considered to be your closest, even after you’ve announced the engagement- it’s a red flag and might give you an indication of how they’d act during your wedding planning preps. Know the people in your life who are as excited as you are, stick around you no matter what and offer their help from the start. These people are proving to you already that being with you during and before you wedding will feel easy on you and come easy on them as well.


Let’s put it this way- Think of all those people you would be okay with when locked in an elevator. Because your big day might somewhat feel a tad bit like being inside an elevator. There are moments during the wedding day when you are cranky, anxious, hungry and nervous. The squad who would be around you making sure that you feel light, calm, making you laugh and filling you with snacks are the sort of people who’ll make your big day experience so sensational and composed and will make you feel so supported throughout this adventure.

Your bridal party circle will be there with you every step of the way during your big day planning and beyond – be fair, be practical, know who’s got your back and get set to have a bridal party of a lifetime.

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