Shopping for your wedding rings/bands made easy

Shopping for your wedding rings/bands can be fun, frustrating and tiresome.

Shopping for your wedding ring in the Bahamas, in my opinion can be fun, frustrating and tiresome all in one. It’s fun because you’re shopping for the representation of your marriage with the person you love. It’s frustrating because there are so many choices that it makes it hard to choose just one. Finally, it’s tiresome because you can’t just go to one store if you’re trying to get the deal, trust me it was hours of leg work. However, it will be worth it in the end.

The best place to go in Nassau Bahamas for all your wedding rings needs is Downtown Nassau. There are stores after stores for you to browse through, and the sales ladies are all very welcoming and helpful.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

My advice for that day,

  • Be prepared to make a day out of it.
  • Take your time, why rush this will be your ring for a lifetime.
  • Wear comfortable clothing to keep cool.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for walking and standing.

Have an idea of the style of ring you want beforehand.

There are many styles and designs to choose from when ring shopping. So, to help make your shopping a little efficient, decide on some particulars beforehand.


  • Do you want your wedding ring/band to match your engagement ring?
  • If you didn’t get an engagement ring, do you want the set or just the band?
  • What color do you want your wedding ring/band (silver, gold, platinum etc…)?
  • Do you want diamonds or another stone in your wedding ring/band?
  • What shape do you want your diamond or gemstone to be?
  • How thin or thick so you want your wedding ring/band?


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