Top 5 Ways to Wear a Pocket Square

What is a Pocket Square?

Pocket squares sounds… well square but actually wearing a pocket square is just a fancy way of saying wearing a handkerchief in your suit pocket.

Folding a pocket square aka pocket handkerchief is as easy as folding paper in half. In fact folding your handkerchief in half is actually one of the easiest ways to wear a pocket square.

Yeah its that simple. The even better news however is that the handkerchief doesn’t have to resemble a square anymore. There are far more interesting ways to fold and tuck in a pocket handkerchief.

Lets take a look at the top 5 most popular and easiest ways to fold your pocket square and wear it like a true gentleman but first you may enjoy 12 ways to fold a pocket square video below.

pocket square

Top Fold #1 – The Traditional Look

This basic sharp and traditional fold is better known as the Presidential Fold. It is one of the easiest ways to fold a handkerchief and gets it name from the look of most presidents that wore their pocket squares this way.

This fold is best used for a bit of an upscale to formal business dress such as a black tie event or that political dinner with the President of your company or country.

This fold is usually made with a classic white handkerchief made from silk or linen to make this fold stand out.

This type of fold will go well with a traditional wedding if you are wearing a black suit or tuxedo.

How fold the presidential pocket square:

  1. Lay the handkerchief on a flat and clean surface.
  2. Fold the handkerchief in half.
  3. Fold the bottom side up toward the top but not even with it.
  4. Tuck the folded handkerchief into your suit pocket so that about 1/4 of an inch is visible.

Try to keep the lines as straight as possible and there you have it the easiest and yet most elegant fold for a pocket square.

Top Fold #2 – One Tip Up

The one tip up pocket square is a popular and easy fold and it looks just the way it sounds.

The one tip up fold is usually used when you have a solid color handkerchief that you want to set as an accent to your overall suit. It works best with colors that contrast against your suit jacket color.

In weddings if you are wearing a colored suit or even an earth tone suit a contrasting color pocket square in the one tip up fold will work nicely.

How to fold the one tip up pocket square:

  1. Start out by laying the handkerchief on a flat surface.
  2. Fold one corner in so that you get two overlapping triangles.
  3. Fold one side of the triangle in.
  4. Do the same on the opposite side to make the base.
  5. Finally place the handkerchief in your jacket’s pocket leaving just the tip visible.

This is a common look for church goers and can be a nice look for a wedding outfit as well. Use this as a sharp contrast in shape and color to your overall suit if it seems a bit bland.

pocket square

Top Fold #3 – Two Tips Up

The two tip up pocket square fold is something you may have seen with dapper looking men. its an elegant and sophisticated looking fold that says “I know what I and doin and I look good doing it.

This type of fold goes well with handkerchiefs with patterns. Its not so formal but makes an average suit look more dressed up.

How to fold the two tip up pocket square:

  1. Place your pocket square on a clean & flat surface.
  2. Fold one side over so that you get two triangles that overlap.
  3. Now fold one side in overlapping the first tip.
  4. Do the same on the opposite side to create the base.
  5. Place your folded handkerchief in your breast pocket showing just the two tips.

This is just one step above the one tip pocket square and it shows that you put some thought in to your dress code. Use this for a more upscale wedding but one that is not so traditional.

pocket square

Top Fold #4 – The Crown

Well in staying with a trend this fold contiues along the line of using tips up from the pocket. It can be called three tips up but is mostly known as The Crown.

The beauty of the crown fold is that your handkerchief has four corners, hence you can decide if you want three tips up or four tips up.

the fold for both are not so different. this type of pocket square fold looks great for a mixture of solid or patterned handkerchiefs and can be worn with a formal jacket a blazer or a sports coat.

How to fold the crown pocket square:

  1. Lay your handkerchief on a flat surface.
  2. Fold one side in so that you have the look of two triangles – creating two tips.
  3. To create the third tip, fold in one side.
  4. This step creates the base which will keep the handkerchief in place. Fold in the opposite side and make sure to create a strong fold with the palm of your hand.
  5. Place the folded phandkerchief into your pocket and you are done.
pocket square

Top Fold #5 – The Puff Fold

The puff pocket square fold or as some may know it. the Casual fold is as simple as you can get. Its not even a fold its more of a grab hold and tuck.

This look can be seen with casual wear and it doesn’t matter the type or design of the handkerchief as its just there as an accessory.

This type of pocket square is definitely more of a casual look and is not recommended to be used in a formal setting unless of Couse you just don’t care.

How to fold the puff fold pocket square :

  1. Place the handkerchief down flat.
  2. Now pick up the handkerchief by pinching it near the center.
  3. Slide the hanky trough your other hand
  4. Now flip the handkerchief upside down.
  5. Finally tug the handkerchief in your breast pocket the fold should look casual and a bit uneven.

Learning these basic pocket squares will help you to dress up or dress down your overall outfit. When it comes to your wedding suit, wearing a pocket square can make or break your overall look.

Now that you have these top 5 ways to fold a pocket square, in your pocket. You can rest easy knowing how simple it is to make a boring outfit look elegant.

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