Lake Nancy, touring in the Bahamas

Lake nancy

Visit to Lake Nancy

lake nancy

As my close friends and family may know I am deep down inside a tree hugging hippie. It is only so long that I can stay indoors before getting the adventure bug. This bug causes me to go exploring new areas or looking for something new.

This day was no different, I remember when I was a young child my family used to have picnics at the lake near the airport called Lake Nancy. Over the years this lake area slowly faded out of memory of most people but not me.  I wanted to see how things looked there and how time as been to this once magnificent area.

Once the adventure bug hit me I tend to take some precautions with an early warning system called Sheba. Sheba is my pet dog and my exploration buddy.  I take her along with me whenever I’m out exploring new portions of the island. Her eyes, ears and nose come in handy in detecting any approaching animals or unwanted humans our agreement has been very successful thus far.

Walking through an overgrown track road that seems to be used every so often and ducking a few thick spider webs we finally reached the lake area.  The surrounding area had a few old wooden shacks that I assume were used as an office or changing area. The dock was actually in pretty good condition once we reached it and the water was about the color that I would expect for a lake.

It was quite and serene and yet eerily beautiful.  Set back from the road at lake nancy there was no noise of passing cars, shouting children, or any of the sounds of modern society. It was quite nice to know that there are areas on the island where one can get back to nature and simply listen to the birds and the sound of the water lapping on a wooden deck. It is a natural beauty to see atleast three different species of spiders, mangrove, wetland plants and a variety of birds in this one area. All signs of a good ecosystem.

Lake nancy

The trip was great I was able to see lake nancy once more and leave with an unforgettable experience and since sheba was so cooperative I decided to take her on the beach as she loves to swim. I knew it was difficult for her not to simply jump in to the lake while we were there so no sense in not rewarding her. We went to Orange Hill beach one of the few stretches of beaches with a good sandy area.   I found a washed up sea fan and took a few shots while sheba enjoyed another day on the beach.

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